Hire a Gold Mine Employee

Find Your Best Employee

When you’re in the position to hire employees, you want to hire the best, right?  Nobody wants a lackluster employee!  But too often business owners are looking for the wrong things when they are hiring.  They say that they want a gold mine of an employee… but search for a fully refined gold bar.  As business consultants, we see this quite often.

What is a Gold Mine Employee?

When you hear the expression, “gold mine” you probably have visions of a vast tunnel, pick axes, and carts full of gold ore being hauled out from underground.  That is probably not too far off (at least for 1900’s gold mines).  But that’s not how a gold mine starts out.

Before the tunnel is there, all you have is a hillside or mountainside.  Nothing that looks profitable at all.  In order to determine where the gold is, the miner has to pan the creek at the base of the hill, determine where the gold is coming from, and then follow the vein.  After it’s located, it’s a lot of digging, chopping, blasting, sifting, extracting, melting, refining, and measuring.  In other words, it’s a whole lot of work!

Finding an employee is the same idea.  You have to interview a lot of them (pan the creek) to find those that can be worked further.  When you find the right one, you have to invest training, leadership, direction, and mentorship (working the mine).  Eventually, that gold mine employee will produce chunks of gold… but it’s not going to be pure gold right off the bat.

How to Find a Gold Mine Employee

So, if all you get is loads of dirt for the first shovels full, how do you know what to look for?  Don’t look for the employee that can do it all and will be perfect right out of the starting gate.

When you’re hiring employees, look for character.  Find those that have the character, the integrity, and the values that are closely in line with what your company stands for.  These are the ones that you will be able to shape and mold into highly productive, highly influential, and highly profitable employees; they are your gold mines.  The others, while flashy at the start, could end up being fool’s gold.

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