Advancing to the Next Stage

The Psychology of Motivation

During your down time, what is your go-to source of entertainment?  Do you have a favorite game app on your phone?  Do you scroll through one of the many social media platforms out there?  Perhaps you have a show on Netflix that you’re currently bingeing.  If you’re serious about your business, and you want to move to the next level, it’s time to fall in love with learning.  As a business consultant helping people become better managers of their careers, this is something that can revolutionize entire industries.

Bingeing on TED Talks

You have no-doubt heard of TED Talks.  TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and it pulls the smartest people in a variety of industries out from obscurity, and gets them in front of people that can benefit from their knowledge.  They’re fantastic resources, and there is something there for you.

Scott Geller, a professor at Virginia Tech gave a talk several years ago about the psychology of motivation.  The thing is, however, that the talk wasn’t really about motivation.  Or at least there was more to it than that.  Watch the clip below, it’s about 16 minutes long, and then see how you can use the concepts to move to the next stage.

Relying on Others to Learn

We should never stop learning.  That’s why it’s important to put aside our consumption binges (like games and shows) and convert them into learning binges (like reading and TED Talks).  Toward the end of the clip Scott talks about taking drum lessons when he was a kid.  He was struggling to learn the drum roll until a friend described it as a break-down of two simple beats.  Scott went back to his teacher and showed that it was those two beats, but faster.

Notice here that Scott was open to advice from more than just his teacher.  His teacher was also open to more than just advice from people above him.  He learned from a 10-year-old boy.  Scott describes this as moving from independence, to interdependence.

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Paul Tripp