Growth Through Volunteering

Volunteer Hours Set You Apart

There’s a recent blog over on the site that talks about the high school curriculum.  Contrary to what many people say (that high school should teach more practical material like understanding loans, how to do taxes, etc.) this article praises the curriculum as it gives every student a platform from where they can take on the world.

But it goes one step further.

The article talks about how Jeanne Rowzee suggests that in addition to the regular curriculum, every high school student should have to spend a few hours volunteering.  It doesn’t specify if that is a few hours per week, month, semester, or year, but the concept is the same.  The idea is that you will learn far more about the real world by volunteering, than you will in a class that teaches you how to do your taxes.

The Perks of Volunteering

You can read the original article for full details, but here are the highlights of why volunteer hours are important.

·         Teaches responsibility and accountability

·         Shows the importance of hard work

·         Helps the community develop

·         Builds connections

·         Provides satisfaction and purpose

Every hour spent helping those less fortunate trains young people in these areas.  It really doesn’t have to be just young people though.

Volunteering as a Business Owner

As you grow your business and progress in your life, you should be volunteering your time as well.  This can be done in a business capacity (for instance, you can donate or volunteer your services to help the community), or in a personal capacity (show up at the food bank as an individual).  The perks of volunteering as a business owner are just as many as when a high school student does it.

There’s a fringe benefit though.  Your business looks really good when it’s helping others.  It shows people that you’re not just in this to make a couple of dollars; instead you are in business to enhance and grow the community so it’s a better place for everyone.

Growing with Business Consulting

Here at Northwest Consulting Group, we help businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest to grow.  From our offices in the Flathead Valley of Montana, we travel to meet you and discover what your needs are.  From there, our business consulting services allow you to blow past those barriers holding you back, and succeed so that you can dedicate even more hours to volunteering with the community.

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Paul Tripp