You Need a Business Coach

Coaches Help us Succeed

We all have a certain desire to go it alone.  There’s a bit of a joy that comes with saying, “I did that without any outside help!”  But even the simplest projects aren’t completely done alone.  We watch YouTube videos, check how-to websites, listen to podcasts, and practice our skills.  Whether you’re re-tiling the bathroom, perfecting your layup, or finding a business consultant to move you to the next level of running a business, a coach is necessary.

Even the greatest athletes of all time have coaches.  Tiger Woods, one of the best golfers around, has a coach.  Actually, he has many of them.  A different coach that helps him with every aspect of his game; driving, putting, chipping, and everything in between is under the careful watch of someone that understands the game.

So, if you’re trying to go it alone in your business, but even the best around have coaches, isn’t it time to re-analyze the approach?

What You Get from a Business Coach

You may be saying that business and golf are vastly different worlds.  Concepts don’t apply to each!  And some of that is true.  But there are more similarities than you might realize, and understanding them can help you achieve success.

Strengths and Weaknesses

In the movie Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler’s character is great at the long game… but his putting is terrible.  His coach points out that he can drive like nobody else, but focuses a lot of effort on improving the short game.  A business consultant can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Do Even Better

We all have areas where we excel.  Those strengths are what brought us into business in the first place.  Taking the first step to capitalizing on them lets you take the first step toward building a better business.  Working with a consultant, you can take those already incredible strengths, and hone them even more.

Build Actionable Plans

You can have all the skills and tools in the world, but without an actionable plan it’s for nothing.  You end up like the firefighter that can battle the fiercest blaze, but if he sets up the ladder on the wrong building, it’s for nothing.  Taking your skills, working on your weaknesses, and building the actionable plan is all part of what a business consultant or coach can do for you.

Improve Accountability

Professional athletes have to succeed for their teams, fan bases, and sponsors.  You have to succeed for your family, employees, and customers.  Creating a plan that includes how you’re able to be accountable, and ultimately more successful, is all part of the business coach’s job.

Northwest Consulting Group Gets You There

Based in the Flathead Valley of Montana, and serving businesses all over the Northwest region of the country, Northwest Consulting Group hits the ground running.  From the time we start working together, to the time we part ways, you are in for some serious training.  The end result, however, is that you’re going to use the training from your business coach to succeed beyond what you thought possible.

Let’s get in touch and see just how far you can go.

Paul Tripp