Four Requirements for Great Communication

Succeed with Communication

In order for a relationship to thrive, communication is necessary.  In order for a business to thrive, communication is also necessary.  It seems like it should be easy: listen and respond.  But communication takes a whole lot more than just that simple two-step process.  As a business consultant, we want you to know how to effectively communicate so that you can thrive.

The Four Step Process to Communication

It is four simple steps, but those steps aren’t always easy.  And often some are overlooked.  Until great communication becomes a habit for you, make sure that you are intentionally being a great communicator.


Just as you have committed to your relationships, you have to commit to your business.  When you have committed to the business, you commit to everything that needs to be done in order to make it grow.  That includes effective, and accurate, communication. 

Ask for the commitment of everyone involved in your business.


How many times have you forgotten something?  A simple note would have been enough to remind you.  Documenting goals, requests, and commitments is a great way to ensure that all members of the team stay on task and keep working toward that common goal.

Documentation can be as simple as bulleted meeting notes after a planning session.


It’s hard to have a one-sided relationship where one member dictates everything that happens.  Those don’t last long.  The same goes for your business.  As the organization leader, you have the final say in what happens and how things get done, but you have to have interaction to ensure the message you intended is the one that is passed along.

Better interaction leads to better clarity.


Communication doesn’t do anyone any good if the meaning is lost along the way.  You haven’t accomplished anything if you try to emphasize the importance of creating doodads, and your team makes widgets.  Using interaction, ask questions to ensure clarity so that all move toward that common goal.

There’s a fine line between asking clarifying questions, and being condescending.  Make sure you practice so you don’t come across as overbearing.


Invest in a Business Consultant

A business consultant is a great way to help you get hands on experience with these topics and ideas.  Your consultant can help you understand the right questions to ask, the documentation needed, and give honest and open feedback on whether or not your communication is doing well, or if it’s lacking.

Ready to get started?  Let’s get in touch and see if we can help each other grow.

Paul Tripp