My business is taking care of your business - in a straight-forward, economical, and results oriented fashion. This philosophy is no accident.


Financial Management

  • Analyze your company’s finances and business processes and identify areas for improvement | Follow a simple process improvement model to understand your current situation, identify gaps and opportunities, evaluate solutions and help you implement agreed upon solutions and deliver value | Focus on forecasting & key metrics, budget review development, maximize the use of working capital, master scheduling and financial accounting

General Management

  • Understand and leverage finance information to help make informed business decisions | Convert strategy to execution | Leverage the power of prioritization | Empower and enable others through communication and coaching | Remove obstacles through crucial conversations

Strategy & Operations

  • Assess the current strategy implementation and operational tempo at different levels in the organization | Identify key focus areas for development and discuss specific areas that members feel need to be a “point of focus” | Help people connect the dots between strategy, operations and daily execution on the job. | Provide executive coaching for individual leaders, as needed, so that each can become more effective within their individual business areas and collaborate effectively as a member of a larger leadership team

Team Building

  • Conduct interviews with relevant staff to get an understanding of the primary business drivers, stress points and opportunities | Facilitate a team building session (half or full day) to address concerns (summarized from interview notes) and facilitate a dialogue about what changes can be made to ensure the organization/team is working at full capacity | Develop Executive Summary with findings & recommendations and present this to the Executive Leadership Team | Conduct a "check-in" period six months after final presentation

Board of Directors

  • Meet with the Board of Directors as a group or individually to gather relevant information regarding their concerns | Develop a plan of action (with content solutions) to address their concerns & formulate next steps for resolution | Work with the organization's leadership and/or operational teams to implement board approved solutions | Provide Board of Directors progress updates and completed action taken