Northwest Consulting Group

We are adept at leading tough conversations and delivering difficult concepts to influence clients and decision makers


We work with short-term horizons and our efforts are designed to have immediate, material and quantifiable positive impacts

Every effort begins with your voice and our situational assessment


We engage Senior Leadership, Directors, Front-Line Employees and Business Partners to achieve:

  • Crisis mitigation

  • Team cohesiveness

  • Operational improvement

  • Organizational restructuring

  • Stakeholder alignment and engagement


What we know for sure

  • To get at the real issues, everyone has to have a modicum of trust

  • Honest conversations - individually or as a group - with a qualified coach - are a must

    In a turnaround situation, there is no cost that is fixed. Everything is on the table

  • We are not hatchet people. We provide hope and leadership to companies/people in trouble

  • We are not a fit for every client, and every client is not a fit for us. Chemistry is key

  • Management consulting takes the right mindset; if you’re ready, progress WILL be made

Sometimes leaders just need an individual coach to begin

The Show Up Coach provides conflict resolution coaching to organizations and individuals who require change